Gum surgeries to improve aesthetics

Aesthetics is an inseparable part of today’s dentistry.

Not happy about your smile? Cosmetic gum surgery fixes many issues like short teeth (gummy smile), long teeth due to gum recession exposing roots, not having enough jaw bone and gum to place an implant, brown / black gum tissue.

Gummy smile can be fixed by removing excess gum tissue to expose more tooth surface and gum tissue sculpted to give broad beautiful smile.

Long teeth due to lack of gum tissue leads to sensitivity, cavities, unhealthy strained appearance. It can be corrected with soft tissue grafts to cover the excess root surface not only to improve aesthetics but also to prevent further gum recession.

Implant site needs sound bone and gum tissue support for the implant to be successful and to last longer, in case of deficient bone/tissue, grafting to build the implant site to desirable shape and size before or during the implant surgery procedure can be done to achieve best outcome.

Brown or black pigmentation in gum tissue can be very unsighty, but can be treated by removing pigmented tissue layer by various technique like surgery, lasers etc.

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