Need For a Graft

Dental implants are a type of prosthesis which gets ossiointegrated (united) with bone to provide good support, stability and retention for a tooth or a denture.

Dental implant needs adequate bone volume and density for optimum success. Soft tissue covering the bone (gum tissue) in oral cavity plays a very important role in this.

Things like prolonged edentulusness, traumatic extractions leads to loss of bone and soft tissue for optimum positon, orientation and long term success, in some situations we may need to perform a grafting procedure for the success of treatment.

Clinical and radiological examinations are essential to make an assessment and planning of bone/soft tissue graft. Many types and techniques of grafts are available to achieve this desired outcome. Your Dentist will discuss in detail with you before making an informed decision:

  • Auto graft – your own tissue
  • Allograft/ Homograft- another person
  • Xeno graft – another species